Sep 2 . 2015 Recent Activities of COMS-NANO


The development of methods and instruments to characterize nanomaterials and the standardization

Shimadzu Corporation, JEOL Ltd., Rigaku Corporation, Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation, Horiba Ltd., and AIST have started a new project in order to underpin the Japanese industry through forming a solution providing platform to meet the needs of nanomaterial manufacturers since 2013.
The first target of the project is the development of characterizing methods and instruments to analyze the shape, size, and its distribution of nanomaterials. The focus will also be put on the standardization of the developed methods.
The outline and recent activities of the project will be presented in the seminar.

Organizer: COMS-NANO
Consortium for Measurement Solutions for Industrial Use of Nanomaterials
Date: Sep 2 . 2015 (WED), 13:00~16:20
Place: Convention Hall A, Makuhari Messe International Conference Hall
Admission fee: Free
Pre-registration: Required but on-site registration is also possible
Contact: Secretariat of COMS-NANO
Language: Japnanese



Welcome address
Yukinobu Miki (Vice-president, AIST)


Keynote speech:Development of innovative solutions for nanotechnology
Shingo Ichimura (Professor /Director of Strategic Innovation Office, NagoyaUniv.)


Current situations of international standardization and regulations on nanomaterials
Toshiyuki Fujimoto (Director, Research Institute for Material and Chemical Measurement, AIST)




Development of new measurement method using an integrated measurement system for nanoparticles
Naohiro Nishimoto(SHIMADZU Corporation)


The instrument utilization of the integrated measurement system for nanoparticles from the consortium
Yasushi Sugisawa (JEOL Ltd.,)